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Coach Miranda 

Web Design

Coach Miranda is a health and wellness coaching services based in the US. In 2018 Coach Miranda contacted Kibarra Digital to work with a WP themes website to implement the online service business,  integrate social media platforms, and marketing tools to produce content, sell products and services, and reach its market.

Kibarra helps me in setting up my website, test themes, set up all WP plugin and add or change the code as needed. Also, she set up all tools to integrate each platform that I use with my Marketing Strategy.


The challenge:
Produce an online presence integrating Website, Social Media, Email Marketing, Translation, Shopping car, and Blogging and work with a WordPress theme that needs 100% compatibility to allow Coach Miranda Website to perform well and be an SEO friendly. This effort included choose, set up, implement, integrate, test, and evaluate each plugin to be customized to fit the brand’s visual identity.


The website:
This job started with analyzing the client’s services and long term business plans to determine the functionalities and theme for the website to help the client succeed. Coach Miranda writes all content and Kibarra Digital finds the best placement for the content using the current layout. Kibarra Digital helped Coach Miranda implement processes and technologies that support the collection, managing, and publishing of information on the website.

Kibarra Digital helped craft and maintain hyperlinks between content pages and social media to allow the website to work without interruptions and seamlessly integrate it with social media profiles. Kibarra Digital also helped integrate blog content with email newsletters, promotions, and online outreach campaigns.

To increase customer interaction, Kibarra Digital created dynamic visual content such as videos, audio, and info-graphics to complement existing text content. Changes to the website’s layout and content were implemented based on analytics and usability testing.

After implementing the necessary functionalities and integrating all areas of online presence I provided technical support and instruction on how to use the content management system (CMS) for content creators. The focus was on managing the website and displaying the necessary information.

The results:
After unveiling and launching the new website for Coach Miranda, the business had a unified strong online presence that allowed Coach Miranda to launch campaigns and direct customers to different touch point while keeping a cohesive voice and presence.