Take Care of Your Reputation

Visual Brand Identity

 Syttel Hdz Photography

Syttel Hdz Photography is a small Latinx business local to the Triangle area of North Carolina that operates all over the state. Since 2016 Syttel Hdz  has been working as a freelance photographer without a brand identity. In 2018, she contacted Kibarra Digital to create a powerful visual image for her professional work. The most valuable asset for a professional photography service is it’s brand; it is Syttel Hdz Photography’s  reputation and visibility in the marketplace. Also, another important dimension added to this work was how relevant it is to the client’s audience.

I love Kibarra  Digital designs,  they show my unique professional image, just like I wanted, bringing consistency to my identity across all mediums.

Syttel Hernandez

The challenge:
The Latinx community in the Triangle is very close-knit. Syttel Hdz Photography needed to appeal to a saturated market and establish itself as a niche cost leader in photography services for social events and family portraits. Kibarra Digital aimed for a unique, elegant visual brand that would emphasize its trustworthiness and professionalism that would differentiate from its competitors.

The brand’s visual identity:

This job started with analyzing the client’s overall business strategy  and establishing a clear direction to where the client wanted to go and build a brand to help the client get there. Focused on having clearly defined target customer to narrow the focus for faster growth. We researched client’s target customer to understand their perspective and priorities, anticipate their needs, and communicate the message with language that resonates with them.

After understanding the market, we studied the competition to develop the client’s brand positioning within the professional services marketplace and recognize how my client’s audience choose who they work with and how Syttel Hdz Photography is different from others to reach potential customers.

The strategy for the visual identity was to develop a distinctive social media set that would be elegant, trustworthy and would evoke feelings of eagerness to have a photographic experience with Syttel Hdz Photography.

Kibarra Digital designed and developed visual concepts including a logo, a color palette, custom typography and social media templates that formed the new brand identity and captured the essence of Syttel Hdz Photography.

After approval, we refined and extended all brand elements for implementation to the different touch points with customers, both in print and in digital, including stationery, promotional materials, website, social media posts, profile images, and headers.

We prepared a user brand guideline in PDF format to help Syttel Hdz Photography maintain a consistent brand relevant to its target audiences.

The results:
After unveiling the new brand identity and applying it across Syttel Hdz Photography communication touch points, the business had a greater number of booking inquiries for the new photo session promotions.