Video Work

News Report – La Conexión
Category: Content

Equipment: Camera, tripod, LED lights, microphone, green screen TV. Editing: Adobe Premiere
Produce a video to report the news and show visuals on the TV in the background using a green screen to create a bigger impact with the viewer.

Happy Anniversary – La Conexion
Category: Content

Equipment: Camera, tripod, LED lights, microphone. Editing: Adobe Premiere, After Effects
Film and edit a video to show La Conexión’s gratitude towards its readers for reaching the 20 year mark of the publication.

Category: Interactive Advertising

Production: 2 cameras, tripod, external lighting. Edition: Adobe Premiere
Produce a film that promotes all vendors needed to make a wedding or quinceañera a success, including the venue, dress, decor, and catering.

Purgatoire trailer
Category: Digital content

Production: Camera. Edition: After Effects
Edit a trailer film to promote a play created by a local fire theater. Establish equipment during the first show to capture the footage to be used in the trailer to promote the tour that would come after that first show.