Understanding Analytics

Analytics for La Conexión USA

La Conexion USA executives have no idea who their website visitors are, where they are coming from, which pages they are visiting, how long they are staying on their site or why they are leaving the site, which pages are their most popular or how many website visitors they have converted to reach their goals. To answer these and many other important questions I initiate an analytics study using Google Analytics tools.

The constraints:
Management does not have processes in place to routinely evaluate web performance, nor specific website goals to work towards. There is overlap in the category system for news, this prevents accurate reading of analytics as sections overlap and variables are not exclusive. Local news has no subcategories which prevents accurate measure of interest in the types of local news,

The process:
The first step was using Google Analytics to measure the website’s traffic, looking for the right information to improve the client’s website and maximize its performance. I run Audience reports with information about website visitors, where they are coming from, what language they speak, as well as what browsers, service providers and operating system they use to visit the website. In addition, the report provides demographics, interests, location, and behavior.

I also run Behavior and Conversions Reports to see the pages that visitors are navigating, from landing to exit pages, which allow me to review landing page performance and Behavior Flow reports to find information about Site Content, and Speed.

Because the company hired a social media editor, I run acquisition reports showing company’s direct, organic, referral and social media traffic, as well as traffic coming from email campaigns.

I found reports information for Sessions, Avg. Session Durations, Bounce Rate, Pageviews, and Pages/session, however, there were no processes implemented to keep track of previous social media campaigns, content performance or alerts for errors.

The solution:
In order to know what works and what doesn’t, the client needs to know exactly what steps to take in order to optimize the newspaper’s website and every piece of content they provide with the goal of engaging more visitors and providing them with the information they need.

A proposal to modify and complete the following aspect was provided:

  • Acknowledge the importance of web user behaviour
  • Change website sections to be exclusive
  • New category system to accurately read Google Analytics
  • Set up Performance Goals
  • Training to interpret Analytic Reports

Since Google Analytics gives a clear picture of what changes must be implemented to improve the content and maximize users’ conversions, it goes without saying that the next step towards performance improvement should definitely be using this tool  to avoid wasting money and effort on targeting the wrong audience.