Hispanic News Connection

La Conexión
Editorial Design

La Conexión is a Spanish Language Newspaper in the Triangle are of North Carolina, it publishes a weekly print edition and a digital version updated daily online, LaConecionUSA.com. La Conexión has operated as a weekly print publication since 1995. As the demand for printed publications, specifically newspaper has been steadily going down, an online version of the publication was introduced in the early 2000s and has gone through several iterations. Content is king but the visual support for the content is equally as important in today’s world with ever fleeting attention spans.

The challenge:
Work with a team of editors, director, and web developer to create a structured design that supports the content created for both the print and digital version. Establishing a style, with typography, grid and images of the print version that can be visually linked(/standardized) to a website is the foundation of editorial design for a Print-Online publication. Handling and managing visuals with the correct formula will establish the right foundation for the editorial product.

The Layout:
First, taking into account the limited space available in the print edition, a conversation with editors and the director we established a character limit for articles. If the editors felt the need to expand they could do so in the digital version. This helped establish a minimum size standard for the publication in titles, subtitles, paragraphs and images.

A standard for photographs had to be established as well. High quality landscapes could be easily adapted and used in both print and digital while maintaining a consistent photo for the same article which helps readers know that they were reading a more in depth version of the same article on the website that they might have seen in the print version.

Establishing a workflow that allowed editors to work alongside the designer to produce content on a weekly basis that followed the grid previously established. This publishing routine allowed the redistribution of resources towards social media efforts. To increase traffic to LaConexionUSA.com, the digital version of the publication, the website address was added to the articles that had to be shortened to fit in La Conexión, the print publication.

The results:
After restructuring the visual design to accommodate content of La Conexión (print) and LaConexionUSA.com (online) there was a cohesive and unified feel to the print and online publications. The visuals reinforced to advertisers that it was the same trusted publication, both online and in print.