A Taste of Mexico



Don Beto’s is a chain of Mexican restaurants in North Carolina, it is one of the longest running Mexican restaurants in the area. Kibarra Digital was hired to photograph the most popular food items on the menu. They were in need of fresh content for their social media and their website. Don Beto’s wanted to feature part of their menu as photographs to increase engagement online.

The challenge: 
Work in a small space with limited time to photograph the entrees while the restaurant staff was available but not interfere with the customers. The photos have to reflect the decor of the restaurant chain and the food has to look appetizing and be the main focus of the photograph. The photos must be high quality to print in big format printing and also optimized for online use. The same menu item had to be photographed twice, once with the restaurant’s backdrop and once with an all white background to use in the printed in-house menu.

The photos:
First we had to decide which menu items were the most cost effective to photograph while also being amongst the most popular with the restaurant’s customers. This was decided by the ingredients in the food, as well as prep time and the ability to reuse the ingredients for another menu item (only for the photo, not for actual eating).

Due to limited space the two set-ups used for the different photographs had to be mounted and changed after every photo was taken. One used the restaurant’s backdrop to include the decor and the other was an all white box to capture a white background that could be easily edited to transparency in post-processing.

The owner of the chain approved the select photographs to be edited to highlight the tastiness of their food. Two photos of each entree was fully edited and delivered in a USB to be used at the restaurant’s convenience for use in social media, and printed promotional materials.

The results:
After delivering all photographs they were used in social media posts to promote the restaurant as a whole and the featured menu items as well, they were used to replace the old images on their website, and they were used in the printed menu for the restaurant.

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