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I educate my clients, offer advice and suggestions, problem solve, and advocate for them building and maintaining strong client relationships. I have been working for both American-Anglo and Spanish market.

I combine my education in Interactive Media with my experience working in interactive and advertising design, as a media planner, video producer, and photographer to continue crafting compelling visual designs for social media, editorial spreads, marketing materials, and attractive websites. I manage email subscriptions as a part of marketing campaigns and social media strategies. As part of my client’s team, I ensure that services delivered agree with their goals, objectives, and expectations while performing on day-to-day execution and analytics.


I use imagination to improve results.


Time is an asset. I do not waste it.


I take care of every detail to succeed.


I do all that is necessary to get the job done.

Passionate about solving problems with clarity, simplicity, and honesty.

Industry KnowledgeMarketing, Media, Web Application, Start-ups, Technical Support, Hospitality, Wellness - 5 years experience
Tools & TechnologyGoogle Apps, HTML, InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effect, Microsoft Office, Operating Systems, JavaScript, PHP, MailChimp, WooCommerce - 6 years Experience
Interpersonal SkillsStrategy Planning, Time Management, Self-discipline, Hard work, Communication Skills, Flexibility, Organization, Professionalism.
Others skillsPhotography, Spanish, Google Analytics, Payment Processing sep up, WordPress, HTML5, Content Management, Constant Contact, HubSpot



Receive briefs and create print-ready artworks within tight deadlines. Create original compositions.


Create visual contents for interactive platforms following a marketing plan and brand guidelines.


I craft print or digital graphics. Create animations & user interaction for various media outlets and electronic devices.


Generate branded material for websites, social media platforms, and print media, including interaction with users.


I am in charge of organizing websites’ structure, integrations, and keeping the site up-to-date.


Social platform integration, create infographic and data visualization, ensure that campaigns run smoothly in the day-to-day operation.


Set up analytics tools and marketing strategy integration. Performing keyword research delivering insightful regular reporting for decision makers.


I am helping you to set up all email tools, automatization tools,  integration, forms, Landing pages, Images, Icons, fonts by email deliverability rules, and set up high-impact marketing campaigns.


Kibarra helps me in setting up my website, test themes, set up all WP plugin and add or change the code as needed. Also, she set up all tools to integrate each platform that I use with my  Marketing Strategy.

Yomaira - Coach Miranda

Kibarra Digital set up my branding in the web. Created a consistent business brand to have a unique look and feel across every medium and presents it to the public. It helped me understand that the branding is important.

Lety - Syttel Hdz Photography

Karina cleverly combines her creative abilities with typography, smart layouts, interactive ads, and composition to help the weekly newspaper edition stay alive and keep our clients happy and satisfied with our work.

Coreen - La Conexión
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